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Connect the Dots: How RadioShack created viral internal engagement - WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Session Description:

The original intention of RS Connect was to leverage the tremendous product and service knowledge that exists in our 01 company stores, dealer franchise stores, and corporate headquarters, but that may get stuck in a particular store or office, or become lost as people join and leave the organization. Our current plan is to extend this knowledge to our customer base in our external community and early next year, completely takeover all intranet and internal communication functionality with our internal community. Community management – We are leveraging a volunteer force of peer community moderators to help manage user interactions, identify content gaps and drive engagement though excitement and activity vs. compliance and measurement. Our formal community managers take a face forward approach and are active in the community every day providing content, guidance, tips and fun interactions. Adoption: I.Top Level Buzz II.Identifying Internal Brand Advocates III.Alpha and Beta Tests IV.Mid-Level Buzz V.Internal Communication/Launch VI.Specialized Training VII.Building the Post-Launch Buzz VIII.Contests and Engagement Activities IX.Innovation for the Future of Internal Communities Implementation best practices, don’t make the same mistakes we did Fun stories – successes, how we’re turning the needle on sales, retention, etc.