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Top down vs. bottom up – how Grant Thornton and Qualcomm approached their Jive launches - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM


Session Description:

In the last two years, Grant Thornton has undergone a transformation. Following a global brand update two years ago, the UK firm has undertaken a huge change programme with our people at its centre. Our goal is to build a business with a distinctive style and sufficient scale that occupies a unique position in the market; ‘a category of one’. In order to achieve that goal, our people are being challenged to change the way they approach the market and our clients, moving away from pure technical delivery and functional excellence, towards skills in building long term relationships and establishing strong business networks. Our approach to social media externally, and importantly, internally is a key strategic driver of this transformation. Our team of two (Paul Thomas and Katherine Carter) leads the firm’s holistic social media strategy and is responsible for our newly launched Jive platform, Jam. This session will open the lid on the cultural change happening at Grant Thornton and show how Jam is integral to supporting our people make that change.


Innovation is the cornerstone of Qualcomm’s company culture – with the prevalence of engineering skills and availability of open source software, Qualcomm employees will stand up their own software platforms if enterprise resources provided by IT do not meet their needs. With that freedom to experiment with multiple solutions comes a sense of “Technology Darwinism,” meaning that at any point in time, there may be several competing platforms in place running – with or without other teams within Qualcomm knowing about the other platforms in use. In this session, Qualcomm will explain how Jive ended up being the collaboration platform that the executive team supported and that employees loved to use while running up against other similar solutions. If your Jive instance is currently in a limited deployment or pilot stage, and you need ways to spread enterprise-wide adoption and executive sponsorship, this session is for you!