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Atlassian JIRA (on-prem, hosted) in Jive 7, 8 (cloud, hosted, on-prem)


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Base features include...


In Jive:

• Create a JIRA issue from Jive. - Dynamic to support custom fields of other changes to Create Issue screen in JIRA

• JIRA activity streams in Jive:

- View and edit issue (comment, assign or transition) inside Jive

- "Go to issue" in JIRA

• Search issues from Jive: - Simple searches across JIRA (any string)

- Advanced searches per project select or JQL support

• JIRA filters and issue detail review:

- Link backs for listed issues to JIRA

- Dynamically updated issue statistics graphs

• Embed in-line JIRA link references inside Jive discussion



• Create Jive discussion with link-back from JIRA issue view

• Issue link support for created Jive discussions


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